Market Lavington Museum

Mary and the high chair

The high chair is one of the treasures of Market Lavington Museum.

Mary awaits her meal in the high chair at Market Lavington Museum

It dates from about the 1890s but had a long life. Just about 100 years ago, Flo Burbidge would have been fed in this very high chair – just about in its present location in the living room of their house. The Burbidge’s house is now the museum and the high chair is just where it belongs. Flo Burbidge was born in the museum building in 1908 and was there to see the museum opened in 1985.

Mary, the doll, is new to the museum having recently been given, not as an artefact in her own right, but to enable baby clothes to be displayed.

Mary is dressed in rather a mixed style. Her dress, of white lawn, dates from the 1880s whereas her cotton bonnet dates from around the time of the first-world war. Her bib sits on the tray of the high chair. This dates from the second-world war and was made by Mrs Gye.

Despite the mixed past of the clothing, Mary looks ready for her meal – and exceedingly well behaved.