Market Lavington Museum

New Year at the museum

New Year is a time for looking ahead. Here are two things we hope will happen during 2016

We love new artefacts at a museum and are ready to consider any offerings which fit our collection policy. That means items must have a real connection with the parishes of Market Lavington and Easterton, past or present. That means we include the area known as Fiddington which was once West Lavington but is now Market Lavington. We include Eastcott which is now a part of Easterton. We include Russell Mill and also an area at Gore Cross which were both, once part of Market Lavington.

As with nearly all museums, we are limited for space and so we have to exclude lovely items which don’t link to our parish. And it must be a real link. Uncle Jim’s collection of African artefacts may be lovely and Uncle Jim may live in Market Lavington but really those African items don’t tell us about our parish. If you really want to give them to a museum then you’ll need to find another museum which is more suited.

At the moment, almost more than artefacts we want fit, healthy, younger people to serve on our museum board. It isn’t too onerous. We have about half a dozen meetings a year. They usually last about an hour and a half. They are social and friendly occasions. But as well as that we seek ideas from people. If you have ideas for how the museum might evolve in the future then we’d like you to share them with us. We think we have done some excellent things in the last half dozen years, particularly in taking the museum to the people. More ideas and, perhaps, a willingness to help look after a display at a fete or bazaar would be welcome. Of course, we’d prefer our board members to be local people, but that isn’t essential. If you have a real interest in the village and can cope with some commutes, then why not consider joining us.

We really would like to lower the average age of board members. Museums may be about the past but we need to look to the future. Even folks in their fifties would reduce the age profile of the museum board.

OK – enough of that. Can we wish all our readers a Happy 2016.