Market Lavington Museum

Nuttall’s Mintoes

This is a fun, recent acquisition for Market Lavington Museum and a reminder of a once popular sweet which is no longer available (although there are others which are very similar).

Nuttall’s Mintoes were originally made by William Nuttall in Doncaster. They made lots of money for William, who used his wealth helping the poor of Doncaster.

What we have is a large tin, to hold seven pounds weight of the sweets.


Nuttall’s Mintoes tin, possibly from around 1960


As you can see, the tin is not pristine which is hardly surprising. For the last fifty years it has been in Market Lavington and used as a container for dog food. The owner, who gave it to us, wasn’t sure where she had obtained it, but thought it might have been from a local shop.

The price on the tin is, of course, interesting at 8d per quarter pound (about 3p for 100 grams) But for whenever that was, inflation was clearly an issue for if you turn the tin round, a different price is shown.


The other side of the tin shows a different price.


We can see, of course, how wonderfully unhealthy in today’s terms these sweets were with only sugar and fat based products mentioned.

The tin, of course, would originally have been held by a retailer who could weigh out smaller quantities for his customers. The retailer was charged more for the tin than the customers were for the sweets.

Retailers 'hired' the tin for a deposit of 1/6

Retailers ‘hired’ the tin for a deposit of 1/6

!/6 is 7½p. It was a deposit which the retailer got back when he returned the tin to Nuttall’s.

What a lovely item to have. But can anyone out there date it from the price? Maybe it was around 1960?