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Shep Perry

We have met Shep Perry – William Frank Perry to give him his proper name – before on these pages. Click here to read that page and see a photo of the man.

This entry has been inspired by a comment from blog regular, John Burgess in Australia, who suggested that a towed hut, behind a steamroller in Easterton was like the ones he remembered shepherds had up on Salisbury Plain. We know John has fond memories of Shep – and maybe one which at the time he was less fond of, when Shep removed a troublesome tooth for him by that method of fastening a string around the tooth and the other end to an open door handle, and then slamming the door shut. It seems our Shep was a man of many parts.

Today we are looking at the obituary published in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald on Thursday July 3rd, 1958.

Headline above the Shep Perry obituary

Obituary for Shep Perry of Market Lavington, published in the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald for July 3rd 1958

The local paper, which still gives good news coverage today, also included a Shep poem.

Maybe this will inspire more memories from John, or indeed from other readers of the blog.