Market Lavington Museum

Struck by Lightning (2)

Storms of one kind or another have been in the news in the last month or so.  The major storm to hit the South of England on October 28th pales almost into nothingness as compared with the awful tragedy of the Philippines. But we are aware that it won’t feel like that to anybody who suffered loss in the English storm.

Clyffe Hall in Market Lavington has suffered storm damage more than once – from lightning strikes. Back in February 2012 we featured one such strike. (click here to see it). That strike happened in 1911. Today we have another strike in 1927. Both strikes caused damage to trees and, as far as we know, nothing worse.

Here’s the aftermath of the 1927 strike.

Tree struck by lightning in the grounds of Clyffe Hall - 1927

Tree struck by lightning in the grounds of Clyffe Hall – 1927

Clearly, some substantial branches have been brought down, making clear that there is reason behind the advice not to shelter under trees during thunder storms.

The power of these strikes is laid bare by the huge rent caused to the tree. It is as though a huge axe has cleft branches from the tree

We do not know what the outcome was for that tree. We can be thankful that the strike caused no more than damage to a tree.