Market Lavington Museum

The Flower Show Band Contest

The generosity of people seems endless at times. We have recently been able to copy lots of photos held by a former Easterton resident. His pictures cover many aspects of life all around the area. Today we are featuring a photo taken in the heart of Market Lavington – the Flower Show Band Contest

Crowds on Market Lavington High Street for an Edwardian band cotest

Here we see Market Lavington’s High Street. Or maybe we don’t see it because of the sheer number of people. Immediately on the left is the Market Place and as we can see, the old building on the corner was then the Post Office. Now we have a chemist shop there, but it’s a completely different building. The Post Office was there in Edwardian times, which seems to fit with the clothing we can see.

Viewpoints are interesting. There are a couple of people on the rather flimsy shelf above the butcher’s window. (These could be Mrs Laura Eldin, wife of the butcher and their daughter, Florence). Florence was born in 1893 and looks to be the right age for an Edwardian photo. There’s another person on the house next door. He appears to be a police officer

There is no one we can recognise with 100% certainty.

But what a fantastic turnout for a village event. There must be 300 or so people out to hear the bands – probably more because the crowds, no doubt, will also be in the Market Place.