Market Lavington Museum

The Girl Guides of 1938

Today we make a rare journey into neighbouring West Lavington. Market Lavington Museum is dedicated to the parish of Market Lavington, past and present, but Market and West Lavington are very close to each other and at times, facilities have been shared. The 1st West Lavington Guides of 1938 are a case in point with 9 girls from Market Lavington and one from Easterton amongst their membership, as shown in this photo.

The 1st West Lavington Girl Guides of 1938 – a photo at Market Lavington Museum

In the back row we have (left to right):

Dot Cartwright, Pat Grant, Joyce Cooper, Margaret Palmer, Joan Hoskins, Marion Wheeler, Joan Oram, and Jean Davis.

In the middle row we have (from left to right:

Mollie Haines, Dulcie Clark, Sylvia Cooper, Maisie Chapman, Phyllis Hatswell, Jean Baker, Marjorie Hayward, Joyce Daniels and Margery Beaven.

The front row (from left to right) has:

Daphne Watkins, Betty Lee, Rita Clark, Peggy Welch (Lieutenant) Bessie Gye (Captain), Winnie Mundy (Lieutenant), Joyce Fielding, Brenda Wearr and Joan Hibberd.

In those pre TV days, scouting and guiding were important activities for youngsters – and also for their parents. If you have any memories of life in these organisations in Lavington, then do get in touch.