Market Lavington Museum

The Millennium Picture.

In Market Lavington, as elsewhere throughout the world, January 1st 2000 was celebrated as the first day of the new millennium. But Market Lavington also had the idea of celebrating the new millennium in the summer, with a special midsummer’s day event on 24th June.

Children from St Barnabas School, under the watchful eye of Dave Thom who was town crier for the day, processed from The Market Place to the site for the event which was on Grove Farm, roughly where the Community Hall now stands.

June 24th 2000 - Students from St Barnabas School form up for the procession

At Grove Farm there was a chance to do some drumming

and to see craft demonstrations.

The parish council were represented

A photo was taken from the church tower which showed all those people who were there.

Taking the Midsummer Millennium photo on June 24th 2000

There we see the photographer up on the church tower, signing his readiness to snap the shutter.

And for many people in the village, that photo remained unseen, but now it can be viewed for a copy of it, measuring some 75 by 50 cm has just been given to the museum.

The Millennium photo which can now be sen at Market Lavington Museum

It is a big photo so individual people can easily be recognised.

A little bit of the millennium photo. How many people can you recognise?

That little bit of the photo has been chosen because Peggy and Tom Gye occupy the middle of it. Peggy, of course, was our museum founder.

If you were there, do visit the museum to see yourself and remember a day that, amazing though it seems to some of us, was 11 years ago.