Market Lavington Museum

Vapo-Cresolene Vaporizer

Let’s begin with an image. This is a Vapo-Cresolene Vaporizer.

The Vapo-Creolene Vaporizer at Market Lavington Museum

The Vapo-Creolene Vaporizer at Market Lavington Museum

What a work of elegance! There is a simple paraffin burner designed to heat a substance to produce a vapour. The vapour was said to be health giving and, as the somewhat worn box says, ‘to cure as you sleep’.


The burner has a small glass paraffin tank.


But having the box for this item really makes for interest.


We can see that the manufacturers claim effectiveness for treating whooping cough and got their device registered in various countries towards the end of the 19th century.


Some science to tell us that using Vapo-Cresolene is the only way!

Look at all these ailments the device treats.


This device and original packaging probably date from around 1900.