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Vegetarian Plum Pudding

Christmas is coming. Maybe now is the time to be making your Christmas Puddings and here is a recipe to suit all vegetarians (but not vegans). This is a recipe we have at Market Lavington Museum and it is in the hand of Samuel Saunders. Samuel was one of the sons of Amram who we have met on these pages on a number of occasions.

Many of Amram’s children flew the nest completely, making their mark in places such as Hull or even New Zealand. Samuel remained a local, Lavington Man, building a house on Kings Road (as we now call it) where he lived a simple life growing and preserving fruit.

He was reckoned to be one of the earliest people to totally abstain from alcohol and he was a vegetarian for most of his long life. In 1907 the Vegetarian Society celebrated its 60th anniversary and a report says:

Telegrams of good wishes were sent during the Conference to octogenarian members of the Society, to Mr. Samuel Saunders, Market Lavington, 94 ; Mr. John Albright, Lancaster, 92 ; and to Mr. Thomas Wyles, Buxton, 90.

It seems that the alcohol abstinence and the vegetarianism did Sam well.

Here is Sam’s recipe for Plum Pudding or Christmas Pudding as we might call it.

Samuel Saunders vegetarian plum pie recipe, from the 19th century can be found at Market Lavington Museum

Does anyone out there fancy making this – boiling or steaming it for eight hours?