Market Lavington Museum

Village Festival – 1994

Golly! 1994 is twenty years ago. Market Lavington had a village festival with a variety of events and here’s the pig roast which was held in the Market Place as a part of it.

Pig roast in Market Lavington - September 1994

Pig roast in Market Lavington – September 1994

The buildings have not changed much since then, but had we seen a bit further along the Green Dragon we’d have seen the wonderful porch which reached right across the pavement.

Our curator often finds it easier to name people in older photos but this time he’s in luck. Just to the left of the apparent butcher looking down at the pig we can see Rog – our curator.

We think the acting butcher is Derek Birch and possibly, to the right of Derek is Frank Jones who now chairs our First World War commemoration group. The butcher on the left may be John Clarke. Other people in the photo we have yet to name.

This could bring back happy memories for many and it shows that community events can occupy the Market Place.