Market Lavington Museum

I am glad I said YES

Name of volunteer: Jackie Clark
Volunteer role: Trustee

I have lived in Market Lavington for 34 years. I met Peggy Gye shortly after we moved to the village and we attended many of her village talks. They were always fascinating. Over the years I visited the museum on many occasions, with an aunt who was evacuated to Market Lavington and with my children when they needed information. One of my children did her D of E service by collating the Millennium photos in the museum.
When I retired I was asked to join the Board of Trustees for the museum, I am now much more familiar with the history of the village and the importance of maintaining accessible historical records. There is always something new for me to find in the museum. The other trustees are from a wide range of backgrounds and I enjoy the meetings usually held in someone’s house.
I will always be pleased that I said yes when asked to be a trustee.