Market Lavington Museum

Will I become an exhibit?

Name of volunteer: Pat Stacpoole
Volunteer role: Steward

How fortunate we are to have our own village museum! It has something for everyone and that is the fun of being a steward. People from all over the world drop in and you will find that you will enjoy as much as they do trying to find what they seek. It’s all there. Somewhere!

Even if no one comes in for a bit you can do your own research. Did you know that the village was once “ A place notorious for wickedness with bull fighting, dog fighting,depravity of manners, drunkenness and profanity” and later had twenty four ale houses?

I have stewarded since the museum opened but must now confess to nervousness. As I am very old, next time I am there, will they keep me as an exhibit?

Please volunteer to take over as a steward.

I will be surprised if you do not become addicted.